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Overcoming Neck Pain

Tae Kwon Do And Chiropractic Care

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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that emphasizes kicking techniques that often involve high kicks, jumps, and spins. Improper technique and poor or excessive training can lead to painful injuries to the neck and spine, which may often be first diagnosed and treated by a local chiropractor in the area that treats Taekwondo athletes. Why are some activities in Tae Kwono conducive to back and neck pain? Tae Kwon Do is a style, or rather a group of similar styles, of martial arts, so the obvious danger to the spine and neck is from being kicked...

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Making Yourself A Priority For The New Year: Ideas For You

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When you are a person who puts a great deal of effort into taking care of the people you care about, whether they are your family, friends, clients at work, or even your pets, you may find it difficult to find the time to take care of yourself as well. In fact, making yourself a priority may be the last thing on your mind on a daily basis. However, neglecting yourself in the name of taking care of others can easily backfire on you and lead to health problems, both mental and physical. In order to start the upcoming new year off right, you...

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The Mattress You Sleep On Can Increase Or Decrease Back Pain

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If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, the type of mattress you sleep on may help reduce your discomfort. Contrary to what you might think, a mattress that is firm isn’t necessarily better for your back. In fact, mattress types that are either too hard or too soft can make your back pain worse depending on your body shape and the position in which you prefer to sleep. When you aren’t sure what kind of mattress to sleep on, your chiropractor may recommend sleeping on a medium-firm mattress that will give your back adequate...

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Hip Pain: Why You Have It And How To Make It Go Away

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If you experiences hip pain every day, speak to a chiropractor about your treatment options. Hip pain isn’t something you should ignore, especially if you don’t know why you have it in the first place. Before you give up and just live with your hip pain, learn why you have it and what you and your chiropractor can do to make it go away. Causes of Hip Pain Hip pain develops for numerous reasons, including sitting and lying down for long periods of time. Even the medications you take for other health problems can trigger pain...

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