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3 Signs Your Lower Back Pain Warrants An Emergency Visit To A Chiropractor

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Your back is a central part of your body that you use every time you move. Therefore, little activities like brushing your teeth can worsen your back pain, and living with the pain is no way to live. 

When dealing with lower back pain, you need to seek immediate help from a doctor or chiropractor. However, sometimes your lower back pain could be intense and may need immediate attention. Here are three signs you need to get chiropractic help for your lower back pain immediately.

Lower Back Pain with Fever, Chills, and Rapid Weight Loss

It is common to experience body aches when you have the flu. However, if you started experiencing lower back pain and later got running fevers and chills, you need immediate chiropractic attention. Having a fever could indicate an infection that needs to be addressed.

You should also seek immediate help if you have noticed unexplainable weight loss since your back pain started. If you have neither changed your diet nor lifestyle, and your weight loss began after your back pain, you need immediate help.

Your Back Pain Doesn't Go Away and Is Extending to Other Body Parts

Mild back pain should subside a couple of days after taking painkillers. If you have been experiencing lower back pain for more than a week, consider seeking immediate help. More so if the pain is extending to other body parts.

When severe lower back pain begins to cause pain in your leg, you need to go to a chiropractor immediately. Pain to other body parts from your back could indicate a nerve problem commonly associated with a herniated disk. The chiropractor will run a series of tests to identify the best way to relieve your back pain during your visit.

The Pain Has Resulted in Incontinence Issues

Have you been experiencing incontinence issues since your lower back pain started? When your pain couples with losing control over urination or bowel movement, you need to seek immediate chiropractic help.

Lower back pain that pairs with incontinence could indicate cauda equina syndrome. The syndrome paralyzes the nerves in the lower spine. Thus, making it hard to control bowel movements. You will need immediate help since if left untreated, the condition will worsen and may need surgery to correct.

Get Emergency Chiropractic Services

If any of the above signs apply to you, you need to seek emergency chiropractic help. Emergency chiropractors can help eliminate pain and restore normal mobility and optimal body functioning with non-invasive techniques. Keep these tips in mind when looking for back pain chiropractors near you.