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Why Chiropractic Weight Loss and an LGAI Diet Are a Secret, Winning Combination

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Many people in America struggle with losing weight. Many diet programs seem to contradict each other, and that only adds more confusion to the situation. Suffering from information overload causes discouragement, and the pursuit of better health comes to an abrupt end.

This common problem has caused some people to turn to their chiropractors to aid them in their weight loss journey. Chiropractic weight loss programs use body adjustments along with Low-Glycemic Anti-Inflammatory(LGAI) diet programs to help you stay on the road to success.

Why LGAIs Are Recommended for Chiropractic Weight Loss

While other diets may be used with chiropractic weight loss, LGAI diets are more commonly recommended and successful. LGAI diets cause your body to use fats to produce energy instead of carbohydrates. An LGAI diet consists of foods that are known to have anti-inflammatory properties while having a low-glycemic count. The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation in muscle tissue that keeps the body off balance.

When the muscles are inflamed, you are less likely to exercise because of the associated pain. This slows the weight loss process down. With chiropractic weight loss, a chiropractor will perform body adjustments that help reduce inflammation of the muscles.

With the efforts of the chiropractor paired with an LGAI diet, weight loss success is more likely to be achieved.

What Chiropractors Do for You

While on a chiropractic weight loss program, the chiropractor will supplement the LGAI diet with adjustments to help keep muscles from being inflamed.

Here are some ways that this is done:

  • Spinal checks – The chiropractor will check the spine to make sure it is properly aligned and make necessary adjustments. These adjustments relieve excess pressure and make it easier to exercise. They also help the body absorb the proper nutrients needed to help the body switch from carbohydrates to fats that produce energy.
  • Therapeutic massage – The chiropractor may also use therapeutic massage to ease more specific pain centers. Massage relaxes the muscles, gets rid of stress, and relaxes the brain, which helps keep you in a positive mindset.
  • Recommend supplements – The chiropractor may also recommend natural health supplements to complement the LGAI diet based on your needs.

If you have tried everything in regards to weight loss, it may be a good idea to look into a chiropractic weight loss program. The formula of an LGAI diet with customized adjustments by a chiropractor is a plan that is most likely to succeed.