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Received Your Full Chiropractic Treatment? What Comes Next

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Remember some time ago when you first met your chiropractor and they developed a treatment plan for you? Now that you have received the last adjustment and gone through the last x-ray on your treatment plan, you are probably wondering what comes next. It does depend on a few factors, but for most people, the post-chiropractic care plan is the same. You can expect the following. 

Maintenance Program

A chiropractic maintenance program has you return to your chiropractor every couple of months to do a maintenance adjustment. It is similar to wearing an orthodontic retainer, and then you just see the orthodontist every few months to make sure everything is staying in place. That is what your chiropractor is doing when you revisit them for the maintenance treatments.

Emergency Adjustments

If something should happen to your back or neck and you are experiencing a lot of pain, you can schedule an emergency adjustment with your chiropractor. The chiropractor can see if something has slipped out of place or changed suddenly as the result of heavy lifting or throwing out your back. Then they will make adjustments that will relieve your pain and allow you to return to normal activities.

Pregnancy Adjustments

Women who have completed a full chiropractic treatment plan may find themselves returning to the chiropractor later on when they become pregnant. The forward weight of the growing baby inside and the uterus often pulls the back out of position, causing a lot of pain. The chiropractor can make adjustments so that pregnant ladies can get some relief from this pregnancy-related lower back pain. 

Another Treatment Plan Much Later in Life

Aging brings about many changes, including a shrinking of the disks and bone in your back. As a result, you begin to experience pain in your back again. The chiropractor now creates a new treatment plan for you in the later stages of life. In short, you may go through two full treatment plans and continued maintenance adjustments after each treatment plan, first in the early adulthood years, and again as a senior citizen or elderly person. This is especially true if you are diagnosed with osteoporosis, and you want to make sure that your back, shoulders, and spine remain straight, and that you do not develop a dowager's hump. Your osteoporosis should also be treated internally by a regular doctor via medication that can keep bones strong. 

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